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Bae Yong-joon sells lunchboxes

Is the Hallyu star cashing in on the food crisis we are currently experiencing?

I’m not so sure about this star, he’s already the top earner in Hallyuwood, he owns his own health food restaurant, but it looks like he’s still trying to make $$$ out of anything.

‘Don’t like my lunchbox set Liz?
Well, eat me.’

Japan’s largest convenience store 7-Eleven will be selling special lunchbox sets of Korean food produced by Bae Yong-joon. The lunchboxes will be on the store shelves for three days from June 13 to 15.

Called the Gosire Bento, orders for the lunchbox sets will be taken from today (May 12) to June 8. Each bento set costs a whopping 2500 yen (25,000 won or RM76.58)! What an expensive lunch.

The sets include 16 different dishes from the Goguryeo dynasty, such as bulgogi and ssam-bab. Whatever.

Just give me a fistful of rice and a couple of side dishes and I’m set. No one owns a money tree in their backyard, you know. Paying so much for food is like eating gold. The targeted suckers group for the set lunch are middle-aged female Yonsama (Japanese ajumma) fans. No surprise there.

Would you buy a RM76.58 bento set that has been mass-produced at a food factory with a sticker of Bae Yong-joon slapped onto the label so they could hike up the price?

Source & Pic credit: KBS Global

7 thoughts on “Bae Yong-joon sells lunchboxes

  • Anonymous

    i ate mine this sunday…
    drools i should had ordered 5 boxes <_<.
    and guess what my stupid dad torned the box.
    i wont talk to him for week….

  • that.. just makes me laugh. 25bux USD? i get bulgogi in k-town here for 5bux USD. that.. is just ridiculous

  • fieryheart

    Out of all things,he chose to sell lunchboxes? And with a neck-choking price at that.
    I just hope the taste is as expensive as the price tag.

  • it’s still a lil’ expensive for me.. i cook a lot so my meals never cost anywhere near that much! but it looks beautiful 🙂

  • Yikes! Almost RM77 for a lunch box? How many can that feed?
    Well i guess if converted to USD22 it’s sort of okay. Mr Bae is very industrious!

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