Kim Sun-ah and Girl Scouts are prepared

Be Prepared: Girl Scouts cast from left to right Lee Kyeong-sil,
Kim Sun-ah and Ko Joon-hee

The Girl Scouts stars were out and about yesterday plugging their flick.

My Lovely Sam-soon star Kim Sun-ah, along with her fellow Girl Scouts buddies Lee Gyeong-sil and Ko Joon-hee appeared to the masses in their cute and different scout uniforms.

Leader: ‘Don’t I look super cute in this?’

In the film, Kim Sun-ah plays the leader of the team who is hunting down the person who swindled them.

The movie, which started lensing back in November 2007, will only be released on June 5 in Korea. I guess the ladies are staying true to the Scout motto because it’s never too early to Be Prepared.

Activities: The girls react to the question: Who wants a
camping trip in the woods this semester?


Achievements: ‘Yes, 언니 go ahead and show them the badge you
received for fantastic needlework’


Sexy scout: ‘I think my skirt is too short’

Source & Pics credit: MyDaily

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