Song Hye-kyo in John Woo’s 1949

Beautiful: Ah yes, Hye-kyo will look good in John Woo’s
signature slow-mo, wind-in-the-hair scene

Laneige’s new model Song Hye-kyo is set to star in director John Woo’s (Face/Off, Mission: Impossible II) new flick entitled 1949.

Her co-star? Well, remember her arm candy at the 2008 Asian Film Awards in Hong Kong in March?

Yeah, Taiwanese actor Chang Chen (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) will be starring alongside the Korean beauty in the film.

Lovers: The 1949 stars appear together at the Asian Film Awards
in Hong Kong earlier this year

The film depicts a tragic love story during China’s civil war of 1949.

The announcement was made at a press conference during the recent Cannes Film Festival.

“Among my other films, this will be the one that will underline humanity the most,” said Woo, who is known for his signature slow-mo, wind-in-the-hair sequences.

Song Hye-kyo said: “I was offered the role early this year, and the scenario was very tempting. I am very pleased to be working with director Woo.”

The 26-year-old actress has a busy schedule ahead, doesn’t she? She finished lensing indie flick Fetish in the US recently, signed up for a TV drama with Hyun Bin and she’s set to fully replace Jeon Ji-hyeon as the face of Laneige in July 2008.

Speaking of the beauty brand, check out the latest Laneige CF featuring Song Hye-kyo below.

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Source: The Korea Times
Pic credit (top): Hankooki

7 thoughts on “Song Hye-kyo in John Woo’s 1949

  • i’m interested to see how this film turns out, sadly hwang jinyi bored me to tears 🙁

  • It looks like busy schedule ahead for her. Good luck, Song Hye-gyo sshi!

  • Wow, seriously in john woo’s film?? He’s a famous hollywood director right? And he has directed some great films in the past. This is very interesting!!

    I guess the hwangjinyi movie has a bad script after all, not because she’s not good at acting coz i’m sure John Woo knows what he is doing.

  • janeberryblue

    i’m sure gonna miss seeing jeon ji hyun’s flawless self but i love song hye kyo too so can’t blame laneige for falling for her 😀

    i really hope she does well with all these endeavors because i think she’s been riding the coattails of “full house” for way too long now …

    SHK fighting!

  • k-obsessed

    Aww…she looks so gorgeous in the pics and the vid especially since she can pull of that runway short haircut that noone can easily wear.

  • kpop-rubba

    she looks so pretty in that picture but wow she does have alot on her plate… The drama plus a John Woo film? Can’t wait to see her pretty face on the big screen!

  • Photomofo

    She is perfect.

    But I have always liked her more in her TV roles (loved “All in” and “Full house”).

    Cant wait to see her and Hyun Bin together!


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