Chae Yeon is CEO of Bequem fashion

Entrepreneur: ‘Just call me Chae Yeon,
CEO of Bequem please.’

Chae Yeon is all set to display her business acumen by being the CEO of her own fashion brand Bequem, which is the German word for “comfortable.”

The singer-turned-entrepreneur opened her Bequem store at Shindang-dong’s SBA Seoul Fashion Center in Seoul yesterday (June 24).

Cute ears: Chae Yeon sneaks in a cute shot by strategically
placing herself in front of a butterfly image. See the cute rabbit ears?
Oh, the guy is the GM of SBA Seoul Fashion Center.

Chae Yeon not only models for Bequem, but will also get her hands dirty in the planning, marketing and distribution of the brand.

Bequem mainly carries caps, bags and shoes, but there are plans to venture into clothing as well.

The sexy 30-year-old saved up enough money over her 10-year career as a singer and decided to invest in the fashion business because she feels that she knows it well and has the confidence to manage it.

All the best Chae Yeon! I bet Orchid would like to visit your store when we get to Seoul…someday.

Accessories: Bags! Shoes! Caps!


Larger than life: A picture of Chae Yeon
modelling her brand in the background

Source: Newsen & Krnloop
Pics credit: Newsen

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