Get ready for Ya Shim Man Man Season 2

Fans of the long running and popular SBS talk show “Ya Shim Man Man” have reason to rejoice. After ending its five year run on 14th January 2008 there are reports that Season 2 will be starting soon. The best part is, bubbly host Kang Ho Dong has confirmed that he will resume his hosting duties.


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Jovial and very likeble host Kang Ho Dong

returns for Ya Shim Man Man Season 2

In season 1, celebrities are invited for a round table discussion. They talk, laugh, reveal their past experiences and it all revolves around answering questions the viewers vote via the YSMM website. Will the new season follow the old format?

A SBS representative said, “We understand that the viewers wants us to keep some traditional segments but everything is still under discussion. The content won’t be drastically changed and we will add in some new elements. We have confirmed Kang Ho Dong as one of the hosts while we are still negotiating for the other hosts. The list will be released shortly and we hope to bring more joy to viewers with our new format.”

Because it’s an SBS program, i only get to view it (with English subs) on YouTube. Are you looking forward to the new season of YSMM? Who is your favourite host on the show?

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Pic credit: Yonhap News

Ya Shim Man Man (야심만만) ends its run


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