Gummy’s Looking into the Mirror

Did you know that Gummy is actually the unofficial 5th member of Big Mama? Well, I didn’t until I decided to listen to her songs…and curiosity did the rest.

She was grouped with the Sistas with Voices at the start of her career but management decided that she would do better as a solo artist! With that said, I guess you can gauge how good she is then, huh?

Songbird: What a voice!


The 27-year-old made her comeback in March this year after a 3-year hiatus from the K-pop music scene. Her first MV featured T.O.P of Big Bang and Sandara Park.

Gummy is a songbird with an admirable set of pipes and boy, can she blow. Since it’s Friday, why don’t you relax with this soothing ballad from Gummy entitled Looking into the Mirror? It features a rapper named Red Roc.

The MV depicts a woman who catches her husband cheating on her, and her downward spiral into depression after the incident.

Uh, not quite a Happy Friday subject to leave you guys with…but the song is good :-P.

Here is Gummy’s MV featuring TOP and Sandara Park

8 thoughts on “Gummy’s Looking into the Mirror

  • Gummy is awesome, but I don’t think they thought she’d be good as a solo artist because her voice was better than that rest of Big Mama. I think they thought she was more marketable because she was a bit younger and hipper. All the ladies of Big Mama have exceptional voices. They truly have talent. They sing like diva Angels!

  • I think it means “spider” in Korean. Pronounced “goo-mi”?

  • her new CD is REALLY GOOD! she has great vocals and her song with TOP on the CD is really catchy.

  • i am curious, how come her name is Gummy? reminds me of Gummy Bears.

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