MNet M! Countdown Special in Busan

Singer Chae Yeon sways to the music as
she performs on Mnet Countdown

Clazziquai‘s cutie Alex and hair extension fan Chae Yeon are the new hosts of MNet M! Countdown. The pair took over from former host SS501. Producers are targeting an older age group with Alex and Chae Yeon hosting the show. Former hosts were SS501 and Super Junior.

The pair kicked off their M! Countdown hosting career with a 2-hour Mnet Countdown Special on 12 June, 7pm in Busan. Here are some of the stills from the live broadcast.


New hosts Chae Yeon & Alex

MC Mong and his circus crew steals the show

Dynamic Duo raps their way into the audiences’ hearts

JYP’s cherished one – Joo performs too

DJ Koo does his thing

SM Entertainment’s new boy band SHINee sings 누난 너무 예뻐
(Noona, you are so pretty). Noona means ‘older sister’ in Korean.

MC Mong receives an Mnet award for prancing around on stage

Pics credit: Newsen

Source: Newsen, Coolsmurf


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