SeeYa (씨야)

SeeYa which is the shortened form of “See You Always” is the name of a South Korean female trio made up of Nam Gyu Ri, Kim Yeon Ji and Lee Bo Ram.

SeeYa is the brainchild of the producers who brought us romantic crooners SG Wannabe. Since the latter has been so well received, the producers wanted to create a female version thus a nationwide talent search was held. Out of four-hundred hopefuls, the trio which consists of Nam, Kim and Lee were selected and thus the birth of SeeYa in 2005.

SeeYa – the female version of SG Wannabe
From left: Lee Bo Ram (The Sweetheart),
Nam Gyu Ri (The Beauty) & Kim Yeon Ji (The Holy Voice)

SeeYa is a girl group with substance. They are not just pretty faces but show off their vocal prowess via ballads such as Sad Steps / Shoes 2, Lovers Greetings, Crazy Love Song, Ice Doll and Hateful. On the other hand, they also do upbeat, pop-ish songs such as Let’s Get Married, I Still Like You and Summer Dream.

So ladies & gentlemen, introducing SeeYa.

Name: Nam Gyu Ri (남규리)
Date of birth: 26 April, 1985
Place of birth: GwangJoo City
Height: 165cm
Weight: 46kg

Education: MyungJee Professional University
Known as The Beauty (also The Leader)

Name: Kim Yeon Ji (김연지)
Date of birth: 30 October, 1986
Height: 163cm
Known as The Holy Voice

Name: Lee Bo Ram (이보람)
Date of birth: 17 February, 1987
Height: 167cm
Education: Seoul Arts University
Known as The Sweetheart


  • The First Mind – Volume 1(2006)
  • Lovely Sweetheart -Volume 2 (2007)
  • California Dream – Special Album (2008)


  • All Star: Composer Jo Young Soo Project Album 1st (Track #3 Hateful) 2007
  • All Star” 2nd album Vol.4 Seeya & Lee Ji Hye (Fool) 2008


  • Invisible Man, Choi Jang Soo O.S.T. (Track #3 Crazy Love Song) 2006


  • SeeYa & Brown Eyed Girls Single – To My Lover (2006)

Source: Wikipedia, Naver

Special thanks : K-popped! reader Johan Yusof

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