When Night Comes cast meets the press

Posters: The drama posters are nice

Kim Suna, Lee Dong-gun, Lee Joo-hyun and Kim Jung-hwa met with the press at 2pm today to promote their latest MBC drama series When Night Comes.

The rom-com drama, which was partly filmed in Japan, is about Kim Bum-sang (Lee Dong-gun), a supervisor of property assets who has an affinity for virgins.

He meets Heo Cho-hwi (Kim Suna), a 29-year-old whose natural attractiveness more often than not lands her in difficult situations. The two meet and…the rest of the story will be played out in the 16 episodes of the series :-).

When Night Comes is set to air in Korea on June 23 onwards.

Lead actors: From left Lee Dong-gun, Kim Suna,
Kim Jung-hwa and Lee Joo-hyun


‘Lil secret: ‘Oops, I farted’


Direction: ‘Hey Suna, the camera’s over here’


Outta our way: ‘Move over Dong-gun, and let us girls pose for the cameras’


Bling: ‘Like my earrings? I got them today.’


Giggle, giggle: ‘Gosh I’m so full of gas today.
Must be the onions I ate.’


White dress: ‘Do you like it? I just tore up my
Mom’s curtains and draped it on.’


High-waisted: ‘The pants give an
illusion of long legs.’


Excited: ‘Please watch our drama, it’s good!’

Source: Newsen & Korean Drama
Pics credit: Newsen

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