K-popped! goes to the MTV Asia Awards 2008

Congratulations to our readers who won themselves tickets to the coming MTV Asia Awards 2008 on the 02 August (yeah that’s this Saturday!) We’ve received e-mails that some of our readers have already won tickets to the event, and boy do they sound excited.

Tomorrow, Liz and i will be hopping on a bus to Genting to attend the MTV Asia Awards. We are very excited, because it will be our first time attending such a prestigious event. (Thanks to the organizer for the media invite.) I am particularly nervous because it will be my first time photographing on the Red Carpet! Hope to bring you nice pictures. 🙂


K-popped! minus Rooster
will be going to Genting tomorrow
[Map courtesy of Google Maps]

For the benefit of non-Malaysians, let me tell you more about this place called Genting where the MTV Asia Awards will be held.

Genting Highlands is also called the “City of Entertainment”. To those who are not familiar with Genting, in a nutshell, it’s the Las Vegas of Malaysia. Located on a hill, it has a cool climate all year round. People usually go there because it houses Malaysia’s one and only casino. There are also outdoor and indoor theme parks where you can hang out with friends or if you are a parent with kids, you could go there to spend time. There are also concerts and shows at the amphitheater.

I heard that the American group Pussycat Dolls will be opening at the MTVAA. I hope to bump into lead singer Nicole Scherzinger at the hotel grounds or something. 😉 It would be great to meet her in person.

Pussy Cat Dolls to open at the MTV Asia Awards

Malaysian ELFs are getting all excited because Super Junior have started to arrive – in smaller groups and at different times – in Malaysia. Although, i have heard that not all 13 of them will be present at the event.

Super Junior – Korean group at the MTV Asia Awards



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