Super Junior in Malaysia for 2008 MTV Asia Awards

ELF rejoice: Your oppas are coming to town!

Hot news!

SUPER JUNIOR will be coming to Malaysia to perform at the 2008 MTV Asia Awards!

*Liz girly screams along with E.L.F. even though she still can’t recognise half of the boys*

K-popped! just received a press release stating that the mega boyband will be among the performers at the prestigious pan-regional music extravaganza. The ceremony will be held at the Arena of Stars, Genting – City of Entertainment on August 2.

So far, the other confirmed performers are: Jabbawockeez, Leona Lewis, OneRepublic, Panic at the Disco, The Click Five and The Script.

Apart from that, Hong Kong actress/singer Karen Mok has been confirmed as the co-host of the event. Mok will be sharing hosting duties with Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars.

Co-host: Karen Mok will be co-hosting the
2008 MTV Asia Awards in Malaysia

Since the tickets to the show are not for sale, check out some of the ways to get them by hitting this link!

To tell the truth, I’m a little sad because I really want Big Bang to come and perform. Well, there’s still hope, I guess, since “more performers and award presenters will be announced in the coming weeks”.

빅뱅, 제발 말레이시아에 와요!

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16 thoughts on “Super Junior in Malaysia for 2008 MTV Asia Awards

  • xxMillieAnn85xx


    FILO PRIDE…. i mean AZN PRIDE hehehehehe….

    lols. actually, i’m filo, and to be honest… I REALLY LOVE reading post from k-popped


  • gosh!

    i really wanna go… i don’t want to miss this but why is it hard for us to get the tix…

  • Although SuJu is comin’ it does not mean they will win right!?

    I like Wonder Girls!

  • Anonymous

    OMG..SUPER JUNIOR is going to perform…hope they will win, because i will be happy before school starts…and it will bright up my mood and i will learn new things at skull….lol
    Jabbawockeez is also coming, nice…they will see how great suju is, and maybe they will teach suju some cool saw them last time at our senior gradnite ’08 at disneyworld…and they were awesome..i lost of voice after that night!!

  • I obviously can’t attend this,
    so hope a lot of k-pop fans can go n support super junior!
    scream as loud as you can and make sure we outstand.
    show how k-pop is big in Malaysia =)

  • OMG!!!! SuJu!T_T i can’t go..*sobs* at least i can see them live on Tv..but i so wanna see them perform!

    anyway i’m sooo happy for SuJu! it’s means they’re winning!!!!

    I’m literally crying right now!

  • even though the polls haven’t even closed yet, that is. usually the winning artist from each country performs.
    i hope ya’ll get to go!

  • awww. that means SuJu won. and ooh! jabbawockeez are gonna BRING THE HOUSE DOWN! the SuJu boys could learn a thing or two about dancing from these masked men. they’re awesome!

    ::sigh:: i wish big bang would perform. or even better…WonderBang did their special stage again. i’d love to see g-dragon’s ‘omona’ face again.

  • Hey ily,

    안넹하세요! Finally we hear from you again.

    Good to know you can access K-popped! at work. Ya! Started working already…do you like your new job?

    Yes ok will send them your regards. 선생님 & classmates also read our blog…so maybe they will read your comment! (^o^)v

  • hey gals…ily here. I missed you gals..
    Anyhoots, SuJu’s coming??
    i saw this when i was at work, and i shrieked! when everything else was blocked for me to see, K-Popped! is not, so yay!
    Eyh, i like SuJu la…
    help me meet them laa~~

    give my well regards to 선생님 and your classmates!

  • oh yeah!!!!!!! awesomeness.. now just to get the passes… wootss~~
    suju.. leona lewis.. dang.. my fav are comin to perform!!!!!!!!! woohoo… must goo.. ahhaa

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