War of the Dragons is D-War

Invading Malaysian cinemas: War of the Dragons

To my fellow Malaysian movie kakis,

Have you seen the impressive billboard of War of the Dragons along the LDP stretch (near 1 Utama)?

(Sorry no pic of it. I’m usually driving when I pass the billboard and I can’t drive and take a picture at the same time unless I have a death wish.)

Before you think: “The poster rocks! I wanna go watch the flick on July 10th when it opens!”

Please refrain from doing so. War of the Dragons is actually Shim Hyung-rae’s B-flick extravaganza, D-War or Dragon Wars. It doesn’t matter what the film’s being called; it’s still a flop.

You can check out our review on the movie before you fork out that precious RM10 for a ticket. These days, we’ve got to be wise in spending $$$. Consider this a PSA from K-popped! 😉

D-War (review)

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