2008 Pink Film Festival

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There will be a Pink Film Festival (only for women) from the 1 – 28 November in South Korea. Check out the cute poster. However, this film festival is especially for the adult female.

Movies screened in this film festival are independent movies, unique to Japan (whatever that means, sorry, my Korean translation skills leaves room for much improvement). Budget for these movies do not exceed 30 million Korean Won.

I think males are only allowed on opening day and on Wednesdays where it’s “Couples Day”.

Everything on the official Pink Film Festival website is in Korean. There’s also a list of films that will be screened.

Well, this is a first i’ve heard of a Film Festival especially for women. Interesting concept and if there were one in Malaysia, i hope they show lots of romantic comedies and chick flicks! However, this festival seems non-mainstream. Movies look very arty and some even erotic. No wonder it is only for ADULT females.

Source: StarNews

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