DBSK and SuJu appear on Chocolate

SuJu, DBSK, Yoo Ye-eun and Chocolate host Kim Jung-eun

DBSK and SuJu made an appearance on Kim Jung-eun’s music-cum-talk show Chocolate. DBSK performed songs from their new album MIROTIC.


DBSK performing MIROTIC Live on Chocolate


DBSK on SBS talk show Chocolate

Joining them on stage is the 7 year-old blind piano prodigy who appeared on Star King, Yoo Ye-eun. Together they sang You Raised Me Up. Well, Hero and Yunho, both sitting on her left and right, helped her sing the song as she deftly played the piano.


Singing Josh Groban’s You Raised Me Up


U-know Yunho carries little Ye-eun

Ye-eun gets comfortable on Yunho’s shoulder

Super Junior performed too!

The SBS program was recorded on 27th Sept and aired on 01 Oct, 2008.


Yoo Ye-eun and host Kim Jung-eun

Check out the video clips here if you missed the show:

Source: Cyworld News

Pics credit: Newsen

Kim Jung-eun hosts Chocolate
Yoo Ye-eun, the blind piano prodigy


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