Is Kim Sun-ah Rain’s trump card or something more?

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Tell me, what do you think is happening with the pair in the picture above?

I thought Rain hurt his hand and being the caring ‘noona’, Kim Sun-ah is trying to soothe the pain. Did you think that too?


Believe it or not, they are practicing palmistry and reading each others’ fortunes. Rain told Kim Sun-ah over one of their practice sessions that he learned how to read people’s palms before.

By looking at Kim Sun-ah’s palm, it shows that she will be involved with 18 guys! He was surprised at the number of men in her life. Kim Sun-ah then read Rain’s palm (pic above) and concluded that Rain has 28 women in his life!

Okay, maybe this is a publicity stunt…what? Reading each others’ palms midway during dance practice and it’s such big news? I admit, i am sucked into this Kim Sun-ah and Rain topic, so here’s more juicy news on the much talked about pair.

After the pre-recording session of Rain’s phenomenal 5th album comeback show (Me, Rain, Dance) which was held at MBC’s Dream Center on the 10th Oct, people are still searching for news on Kim Sun-ah and Rain.

Kim Sun-ah is Rain’s trump card. The chemistry between Rain and Kim Sun-ah during their passionate tango scene caused many tongues to wag in the Korean media as well as among Rain fans. Many come back to this blog to find out more on Rain & Kim Sun-ah. Everyone loves a juicy scandal.

Kim Sun-ah in a very sexy dance getup
giving Rain the come hither look.

Their passionate tango routine was a hit!

Rain and Kim Sun-ah met up almost every night for 2 weeks, practicing for their “much talked about” tango performance. Being the great guy that he is, and seeing that Kim Sun-ah practiced so hard to make the dance perfect for his comeback show, Rain surprised Kim Sun-ah by throwing her a surprise birthday party. He was at the dance studio 2 hours earlier to prepare for the party. Rain also asked that the camera crew remain hidden, to record Kim Sun-ah being surprised, au naturale.

When Kim Sun-ah appeared for dance practice, she was so touched that Rain had thrown a birthday party for her that she couldn’t help but shed tears. [Okay, if there are hidden cameras, i would assume we would get to see footage of this surprise party on the 17th October when the special airs on MBC. ] Rain also presented Kim Sun-ah with a necklace for her birthday.

Honest, there’s nothing happening between us.
We are just very passionate dance partners.

Rain and Kim Sun-ah met almost every night for half a month at a dance studio located south of Han river to practice. At first Kim wasn’t sure if she is good enough, but Rain supported and encouraged her along the way, quenching her fears. What a wonderful dance partner!

I bet what everyone is wondering is… after spending all that practice time together, is anything happening between the two.

So what do you think?


It takes two to tango…
Rain giving Kim Sun-ah one on one dance lessons

Okay, if you want more, check out the sizzling chemistry between Rain and KSA in the MBC special preview video clip below.

Update: View Rain & Kim Su-nah tango here!

Check out the 60 second teaser for Rain’s Rainism MV


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