Rain’s Love Story Full MV out, teasers were better

Okay folks…no more teasers. Rain‘s Love Story full music video (MV) is out. Here’s the video. The song is an excellent R&B ballad. But his character in the MV looks like a jerk. He tries to look funny and cool at the same time. I don’t think that works. The part where he acts funny in the beginning of the video doesn’t gel with the intensity of the song. Famous Korean actress Ha Ji Won is in the video, but she didn’t leave a lasting impression.

Although the song rocks, I think the teasers were the better.

Check out the first music video from Rain’s 5th album, Rainism. Here’s Love Story…what do you think?

Rain’s Love Story Teaser Part 2

21 thoughts on “Rain’s Love Story Full MV out, teasers were better

  • Anonymous

    If you listen carefully, the song FRESH WOMAN is heard at the beginning of this Love Story MV.

  • iRAIN

    I’ve been listening to the songs in Rainism (from Youtube ~_~). The nice songs are not only one or two or three, but on and on and on. I LOVE, almost, all the songs. Two x two thumbs up toes up for the MUSIC! It’s very Americanized, but Rain has pulled it off so well! I think Rain has found his IT style and definitely this album is more earcatching than the previous ones.I’ll be drop-dead shocked if this album doesn’t sell well in Korea. What do you think Rainers?

  • fraulein

    ” What’s with the excessive cheeriness in the beginning? Is he living in denial? Then kena beat up and all that drama in the end”

    I guess that is to emphasize the dramatic effect and show the oscillation of his emotions : happy-sad-happy … u get the drift…

    I was thinking the same thing, HJW’s cter is the mistress/GF of some kingpin and Bi is the driver.
    A lot of us are familiar with what he did in ALTK so I suppose the similarities and shades of the tortured Bok-gu come to mind.

  • Anonymous

    love the song,love rain!
    he rocked in that new hairstyle.
    i hope there’s a part 2,cuz honestly i dont get fighting!

  • Anonymous

    I like the song, but not enough freshness in the video, although when you understand the story it is better and who doesn’t like seeing Rain as an actor.

    I really like the “Rainism” video a lot better, because it is unique and I like to see Rain dance. If it had all English words it is more like American videos, so it could be shown in the US.

  • Orchid899

    It’s not the same look as in ALTK. His hair is a little more of a bowl cut here and it’s got red hightlights. Not the same. So they’re will a part 2? I hope so because even though it says “full MV” it really isn’t. So much is left out of the story.

  • Anonymous

    well…the mv works well for me! i love both the mv and the song!

  • Anonymous

    i think the MV is nice and better is the love story song !! whee glad his album is coming out soon !

  • Orchid

    @anonymous…ya A Love To Kill. Character also almost the same – tortured lover.

  • Anonymous

    The look he has now it’s the look he had in the drama “A Love To Kill” Coincidence much?…. I don’t know but what I do know is that I like Rain! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    lol yea it was okay….the very quick remark in the car by ha ji won about i think its going to rain alludes to his comeback…I thought that was very smart…other than that…yea I think part 2 is going to be better…

  • Yeah, I think Rain’s character is shown as all cheerful at the beginning is to cover his sadness. If I’m not mistaken Rain presented it in a overacting way, look at his fake smile, it’s all to cover the pain of knowing that his ex gf is with his boss. The real character is the angry man after the HJW slapped him.

    Good job Rain, at least we need to think and guess after watching it haha!

  • Orchid

    Rain looks like the driver and Ha Ji Won married a rich gangster or something…

  • So, Rain and Ha Ji Won used to be bf-gf (there’s ONE quick kissing scene) then HJW was married to someone else? (she’s in a wedding gown). Are the dialogues revealing anything? Is Rain the driver of HJW’s husband? Is Rain a bodyguard? Gosh, it’s like watching a Wong Kar Wai movie!

  • Orchidyaldix

    I think the vids is Ok…is nice to see him again doing this things again 😀
    But the song…OMG!! The Song ROCKS!!! loved it!!

  • Orchid

    What’s with the excessive cheeriness in the beginning? Is he living in denial? Then kena beat up and all that drama in the end.

  • It’s OK, it’s always melodrama all the way in these mini drama MVs.

    Yeah, Ha Ji-won is just a pretty face here.

    Rain could have gone with a no name pretty lass and it wouldn’t have made much difference.

  • daisyj

    This is AWESOME! I’ve been waiting ever so long for the full MV to come out. Luckily i check this site frequently. Thanks for the post. Rain is soooooooo hot! Love his smile.

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