K-popped! Trio tries Korean Street Food

Patrons at a street food cart in Jongno

One of the things i wanted to do before going to Seoul was to try typical Korean street food. We have Korean restaurants here in Malaysia, but we do not have food vendors by the side of the street, serving Korean style street food. That, my dear friends, you’ve got to experience in Korea!

Our first taste of street food was when we were in Hongik University area (yeah, visiting the Coffee Prince cafe). It was around 6pm and we were slightly hungry after walking around on a chilly autumn evening. We spotted a couple of street food vendors near the subway station. We decided to stop for a bite and ordered a serving of tteokbokki.

Orchid (left) and Liz (right) waiting anxiously for their tteokbokki to be served.
The friendly ajumma dished it out from a large simmering square tin pot.

Tteokbokki is a popular Korean street food offering made of sliced rice cake. It is cooked in a thick red pepper paste stock and simmered at the street food vendor’s cart, waiting to be dished out for patrons.
The friendly ajumma dished it out from a simmering pot, and served it to us. Each of us get a paper cup filled with hot soup with it. Hmmmm….nice! And don’t worry, we didn’t get a stomach ache after that.

K-popped! Trio’s tteokbokki ~ dig in! I love the sesame leaves.
Very fragrant.
You get a cup of soup with your street food.

Besides tteokbokki, they serve odeng (fish paste and fu-chok on a stick), kimbap, Korean sausages (sundae), deep fried stuff etc at a street food stall. Some even serve seafood, clams and mussels cooked in soup. All of them come with complimentary soup, which you can ask for more if you want.

Street food is relatively cheap. Each item cost 500 – 2000KRW.

Take your pick…

Korean couple eating at a street food cart.
Notice that the boyfriend is carrying the girlfriend’s handbag.
You see this a lot in Seoul!

Deep fried sausages and rice cakes

Take a peek into a street food vendor’s stall

Street food tents lining the street of Jongno.
More of these seem to appear on Friday & Saturday nights!

Street food to Korea is like “mamak” stalls in Malaysia!

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