One night in Samcheong-dong

On our 7th night in Seoul, a friend from my school days (whom I shall call Seoul Sista for this post) took Liz and I to Samcheong-dong. Orchid stayed back at the hotel to pamper her tired feet whilst watching Prince Charming (Hyun Bin) on tv. Boy, did she miss out on some good eating. ;p

At 7 o’clock, Liz and I met our Seoul Sista at the Jongno police station by Exit 6 of the Anguk metro stop. We then took a leisurely 15 minute walk to Samcheong-dong.

Swing by Samcheong-dong if you’re by Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Samcheong-dong is an old neighbourhood in the Jongno-gu district which lies east of Gyeongbokgung Palace. Chic boutiques, charming cafes, swanky restaurants and hip art galleries are nestled among the trees along this hilly street. Couples flock to Samcheong-dong every weekend to spend a romantic day together.

Cozy cafes on Samcheong-dong street.

Between Insadong and Samcheong-dong, I have to say Samcheong-dong is my favourite. The architecture is inspiring and I loved peeking into its picturesque alleyways. I wish that I had come here during the day so that I could have checked out the Toykino Museum, amongst other things.

Architecture for each building lining the street is unique.

Seoul Sista tells us, “Most of the restaurants here are Western and continental. But since you guys are in Korea we’ll have Korean food.”

Towards the northern end of the street we entered a bustling, no frills Korean restaurant, Samcheong-dong Soojaebi (삼청동 수제비 ). It was crammed with hungry patrons enjoying hot clay pots of Soojaebi, the one dish they specialise in.

Samcheong-dong Soojaebi on a weeknight. Business is good!


Seoul Sista ladling hot Soojaebi for Rooster and Liz.

Soojaebi (수제비): almost identical to the Malaysian ‘mee hoon kuih/ge’ except
the broth is excellent – rich, thick and very flavourful.
And it probably tasted better because of the cold weather. ^_^
Soojaebi is coarse hand pulled noodle served in a rich seafood flavoured broth.


Nokdu bindaettuk (녹두빈대떡): a pancake made with mashed mung beans.
Fragrant and tasty. I much prefer this to pajeon.

We ate and talked and ate some more. Then at around 8:30pm, the wait staff were hovering around our table anxious for us to clear our bill and be on our way. Apparently, business is so good that they close shop at 9pm!

After a short stroll to walk off dinner, we were ready for some dessert. We made our way to Beans Bins on the other side of the street for some waffles and coffee to end our night on a sweet note.

Green tea latte and a mocha latte.


Fresh fruit waffle. I’m in love!


Here’s another angle. Look at that plate of deliciousness!!

Don’t fret Orchid! Maybe you’ll be able to have that waffle next time. 😉

The bill:
Dinner at Samcheong-dong Soojaebi – KRW25,000 (approx. RM60)
Dessert at Beans Bins – KRW24,000 (approx. RM58)

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