Rain’s best Rainism performance at MKMF 2008

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Rain gets rid of his clothes…

After the SBS fiasco, Rain (real name Jung Ji Hoon) is back on stage at MKMF 2008 (Mnet KM Music Festival).

We know Rain couldn’t remain fully dressed in his Rainism suit for long (no matter how many versions of it he wears, we know he just wants to get rid of the long sleeves, tie and vest). Well, in this MKMF performance he shows off his famous abs once again.

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Rain is fed-up of his Rainism suit and ditches it for a
leather jacket and mid-knee leather pants instead

Yeah and he performs Rainism with an opened jacket, revealing much skin. Some say this is his best Rainism performance yet. Also, if you missed seeing Bi dancing freestyle, he danced with his on-screen alter ego.

Check it (i know you want to!).

Pics credit: Newsen, Asia Economy Korea

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