Staying at Doulos Hotel

First off, we’re not getting paid by Doulos for this write up. Doulos Hotel really is a gem and I am so glad we were able to stay here during our trip.

Doulos Hotel.
Great location. Great service. Great budget hotel.

If you’re planning a trip to Seoul and not up for bunking at a guesthouse, Doulos Hotel should be a place to consider. Even though its rooms may be a little too cozy (miniscule) for some, Doulos’s helpful staff, clean rooms and excellent location will quickly diminish the fact that you’re sleeping in a 9x9ft cube.

Great location.
Doulos is located in Jongno-gu, the heart of Seoul. It is a brisk 5 minute walk to Insadong, Seoul’s bohemian district – cobble stoned streets lined with quaint tea houses, charming gift shops, and art galleries. Transportation is a cinch as the Jongnosam(3)-ga subway stop is close by on the main street. You can transfer to lines 1, 3 and 5, major lines that run through Seoul, at this station.

Patrons huddled around street food vendors in tents for a cheap and tasty meal.
Ddeokbokki never tasted so good, especially on a cool autumn night.

Street food and cheap eats are abundant just around the corner of the hotel. Walk 2 blocks westward and you’ll find reasonably priced restaurants and bars.

A few blocks west of Doulos and you’ll find streets lined with
shops, giftshops and mid-priced restaurants.

Great service.
The staff at the front desk were helpful, extremely polite and spoke perfect English. I wouldn’t call them receptionists because we saw the guy who checked us in manning the breakfast table, vacuuming the lobby, dusting the tables and helping Liz to her room after she locked herself out. Orchid was inclined to give him a box of Peperos on Pepero Day… but we ate it. 😉

Complimentary breakfast is served in their multi-function auditorium every morning from 7am – 9am. There is also a coin laundry machine and dryer, a small business center and all rooms have internet access.

Start the day with a simple yet filling breakfast while watching the news
every morning from 7am-9am in the hotel’s mini auditorium.

Great budget hotel.
When we booked our rooms, the rate for a standard double room was 70,000WON per night through the Innostel website. Doulos is certainly not the cheapest budget hotel in Seoul but considering its location and quality of rooms, it’s one of the best.

Clean and cozy room with a spacious bathroom.
I thought they could’ve done without a tub to make more space for the room,
but after an exhausting day of traipsing around the city,
a soak in the tub was a welcomed break for tired muscles.

Getting to Doulos
Finding this hotel is an absolute pain. I suggest taking the Airport Bus (#602) from Incheon Airport. We had to learn the hard way that taking the train is not so convenient with luggage. However, if you’re up for some adventure, taking the train is quite simple.

  • Take the Incheon Airport train to Gimpo Airport and change to commuter subway line 5.
  • Stop at Jongnosam(3)-ga and exit the station at Exit 15.

The hotel website has a good map which, for me, only made sense when I was examining it in my room trying to figure out where I went wrong. So, here is a pictorial guide that, I hope, will make your arrival in Seoul a less bewildering one if you choose to stay here.

Click to enlarge image for a better view.

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