Rain minus magic stick heats up stage at the 7th Korea Film Awards

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“Maybe i can’t sing about my magic stick,
but i can surely show you this…”
Rain rips off his shirt and exposes his naked back.

Oh yeah! Rain really plays up his “bad boy” image to the hilt in his song and dance session at the 7th Korea Film Awards. The awards presentation was held at the Sejong Culture Hall on the 04th December, 2008.

Probably unhappy with the recent complaints about his sexually suggestive lyrics, Rain performed an even raunchier pole dance compared to his magic stick dance. After that sexy introduction, he launched into “Rainism”. He then gave his audience an edgier, sexier version of “Rainism”. The actresses who attended the event appeared shocked but i am sure secretly enjoying the show.

What about ratings? They sky-rocketed at the second half of the Korea Film Awards because of this.

Check out Jung Ji-hoon in a jazzed up wife-beater, thick eyeliner (we call it “celak” here) and satin pants doing his thang.

What are you waiting for? Hit the PLAY button already!

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