Frozen Flower tops Korean box office

Jo In-sung, Joo Jin-mo and Song Ji-hyo in Frozen Flower
쌍화점 (Ssang-hwa-jeom)

Korean movie Frozen Flower sold 310,000 tickets in just one day! By this weekend, 1 million tickets would have been sold. The Showbox movie was released on 30th Dec, 2008.

Frozen Flower (쌍화점) is a tantalizing movie about homosexuality and betrayal set in ancient Korean Goryeo Dynasty times. The flick which opens in South Korea this week stars two of Korea’s famous actors, Joo Jin-mo and Jo In-sung.

In the movie, Joo Jin-mo plays ancient Goryeo’s king who has to produce a son to keep his throne. However, this king cannot sleep with a woman and his romantic partner is his chief bodyguard, Hong Lim (Jo In-sung). Their secret relationship begins to fall apart when the king decides to ask Hong Lim to sleep with the queen (Song Ji-hyo) to produce an heir.

This movie, directed by Yoo Ha is filled with explicit sex scenes (think Joo Jin-mo and Jo In-sung) and graphic violence. Although the movie sets itself out as a historical drama set in the late Goryeo Dynasty, the story is purely fictional.


The King and his lover:
Hong Lim (Jo In-sung) left, and the King (Joo Jin-mo) on the right.

Source: Newsen

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