Top artiste BoA back in Korea for year-end

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Saehae bok mani badeuseyo!

South Korean singer BoA (real name Kwon Boa) left to make a mark in the United States in September, 08. She spent four months in the States and her single Eat You Up rose to #15 in the Billboard Club Charts.

BoA returned to South Korea and appeared on stage on the 29th December, 2008 performing at the SBS Gaeyo Daejung (Music Festival). She sang two of her English songs – Eat You Up and Look Who’s Talking. BoA, who’s looking so adorable with bangs performed with much charisma and energy.

BoA performing at the SBS Music Festival

The local press also took this opportunity to speak to the young diva. This 23 year-old (born 5th Nov, 1986) singer who debuted when she was 14, has conquered the Japanese market. Despite such success, she feels very emotional and nervous about making it in the United States. BoA plans to release her first American album in mid-2009. She will be heading to Japan to work on it, then return to America where she will continue with her studies to master the English language.

BoA also confesed that she gets very nervous when she is performing in her home country Korea. Why? It’s because there’s such high expectations from her.


BoA will be heading back to the
States to continue establishing herself
as a pop artiste there



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  • January 2, 2009 at 6:03 pm

    YESYESYES ! Though she's flying sky high, she's still so humble !
    cant wait for her releases again <33

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