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Rain’s first album Bad Guy is difficult to find here in Malaysia

Being a Rain enthusiast, i wanted to own every single album he released (okay, the major ones). So prior to my trip to Seoul last November, i purposed in my heart to look for Rain’s first album Bad Guy.

It is possible to buy one of his more recent albums from the music stores here in Malaysia. But i could not find the very first album anywhere!

Here’s a look at our (Liz and Orchid’s) Rain CDs. Yes! We made our collection complete by buying Rainism (5th album) and Bad Guy (1st album) in Seoul.

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Our Rain Albums – clockwise from bottom left:
It’s Raining, Bad Guy, Rainism, Running Away From the Sun,
Rain’s World Special Edition, Rain’s World

We bought Rainism at one of Seoul’s largest and most popular bookstore. It is called Kyobo Book Center or Kyobo Moongo (Korean; 교보문고) and it is located in Kyobo Building at No. 1, Jong-ro 1 Street, Seoul. You can find most of the latest releases in this store and also a wide range of Korean music. We were so excited to see such a wide selection of Korean music at the store. We ended up purchasing JYP’s Back to Stage album here as well. Rainism cost KRW15,500 while Back to Stage cost KRW13,500.

Now this other CD store that i will tell you about is really a gem which we discovered. Firstly, the CDs sold here were the cheapest we found! Yes, even cheaper than the CDs at Kyobo Book Center. This CD corner is located on the top floor of Migliore building in Myeongdong. The ajumma manning the store was really really friendly.

I was very excited to find Rain’s first CD – Bad Guy here. As soon as i saw it, i grabbed it off the shelf and held the CD close to my chest and let out a huge happy sigh. The ajumma noticed this and asked Liz and myself if we were Rain fans. In our limited Korean, we said “네” (yes). She then went behind her cashier counter and popped in Rain’s lastest CD Rainism and played it over the speakers for us. She was also enjoying the music and bobbed her head up and down to the beat.


Buying CDs at Migliore building, Myeongdong (Seoul)
At this store, Rainism cost KRW13,500 (the cheapest i’d seen)

We loved this CD shop because of the cheap price, friendly ajumma who provided good customer service plus, you can find older albums here. I saw Rain’s Road for Rain DVD here too. Liz bought Fly to the Sky‘s Recollection album (13,800 won) at this store.

If you know of a place near your area where you can purchase Korean music CDs, do share by adding a comment in this entry.

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