Jung Ryu Won braves the cold for Princess Ja Myung Go

Jung Ryu Won submerges herself in ice water

Jung Ryu Won (정려원) plays the lead role Princess Ja Myung in the SBS drama Princess Ja Myung Go (자명고). Jung had to film a challenging scene recently where she appeared to be calm and unaffected while soaking in freezing ice cold water! “Appeared to be calm” i say because the girl is so skinny that she does not have an ounce of fat to shield her from the cold. Who ever said being an actor is easy?

Before venturing into the cold water, Jung yelled “Fighting!” and proceeded to bravely submerge herself in the cold water, in wintry weather, clad only in a thin white cotton mourning dress! After the director filmed the scene, a very brave Jung got out of the water and (probably with teeth chattering) kept repeating the words “It was really cold“. The actress was quickly covered with thick blankets to warm her half frozen body. Staff and crew were around to rub her down and a space heater was held close to warm her up faster.


Before and After: Jung Ryu Won screamed “Fighting!”
before entering the icy pond and the crew warming
her up after the torturous scene.

The ritual of entering icy cold water in the gassho position (serene position with palms together) is a test ordered by King Daemusin of Goguryeo (hey! Isn’t that Song Il Gook‘s role in Kingdom of the Wind too) for Princess Ja Myung to cleanse her body.

Princess Ja Myung Go will start airing in South Korea on 9th March, 2009.


It’s freezing in here…where’s Daniel Henney when i need him!



Princess Ja Myung (Jung Ryu Won)
in mourning clothes

Source: Chosun.com, Hanfever

Pics credit: Chosun.com

3 thoughts on “Jung Ryu Won braves the cold for Princess Ja Myung Go

  • February 11, 2009 at 7:41 am

    @selva…oh you do know a lot about Korean history. 🙂

    @nanienooraini Jung Ryu Won and Daniel Henney are good friends. Yeah they met when they worked in My Lovely Samsoon together.

  • February 10, 2009 at 10:56 pm

    is she korean american/canadian? she speaks good english in my lovely sam soon… by d way, is she dating daniel henney for real??

  • February 10, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    lol, indeed Daniel should have been there to support here hehehe. The girl is too skinny seriously, she needs to add some meat on!
    about Daemosin’s role lol yeah it’s the same character. This is considered a spoiler, because you still didn’t finish Kingdom Of The Winds, but you will find out sooner or later. This story is about the love between Princess Nakrang (of Nakrang Go Kingdom) with Prince Hodong (prince of Goguryeo and the son of King Daemosin). These both nations are rivals. Their love together is like the love story between Romeo and Juliet. Books of history mentioned that Nakrang Go kingdom used to have big drums. These drums were used to warn the soldiers if there were some invaders of their Kingdom. The history mentioned that Princess Nakrang (Park Min Young) torn the drums so that her lover (Prince Hodong) and Goguryeo army can invade the Kimgdom without warning. Here, Jung Ryu Won plays the role of Princess Jamyoung, princess Nakrang’s elder sister and they will fight over Hodong later.

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