Lee Min-ki wears a sarong for Oishii Man

Faux pas: Lee Min-ki throws on a pseudo
Baju Melayu?

Can somebody please shoot Lee Min-ki’s stylist? How can the talent be allowed to walk around in that ensemble?

Lee Min-ki (Love Truly) wears a grey suit and mis-matches it with black traffic policemen boots (believe me, I spotted them on the policemen today while crawling through traffic!) and a batik sarong. Horror! And let’s not get started on that hairstyle.

Good lord, his look is a disaster to the nth degree. Dude, you don’t wear a sarong like that. You can wear it like this:

or even like this (is this the Baju Melayu look you were aiming for?):

Anyhoo, faux pas aside, Min-ki who we believe was inebriated at that time, stepped out in Seoul to promote his latest flick Oishii Man, a joint project between South Korea and Japan.

Discussion: Co-star Ikewaki Chizuru (left) begs
the actor to change his clothes

It’s about a musician (Lee) who travels to Hokkaido, meets and falls in love with a Japanese girl (played by Japanese actress Ikewaki Chizuru). It also stars Jung Yu-mi.

Oishii Man actually premiered at the 13th Pusan International Film Festival in Oct 2008. However, it will only be released in South Korea on Feb 19.

Oops, I did it again: ‘Yeah. I farted.’


Group shot: (l-r) Chizuru, Lee and Jung Yu-mi

Source: Newsen
Images: ABC Underwear & Simple Malaysian

Eugene and Lee Min-ki in the Philippines

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