Satisfying lunch at Nakwon restaurant

Dining out: Looking for a nice Korean restaurant to bring friends
and family to? Try Nakwon.

First of all, the price was right – RM95 for a very satisfying meal for 5 people (we are small eaters, though). We received a RM8.40 discount while lunching at Nakwon in Taman Danau Desa recently.

1st floor: Nakwon restaurant at Taman Danau Desa, Kuala Lumpur

We don’t really know the reason – the waiter just showed us the bill with the discount and when asked for further clarification…well, he couldn’t really communicate effectively in English. Heh, we did not complain.

To our Muslim readers, Nakwon is non-halal. We had BBQ-ed pork.

The ambience was lovely and the group made a beeline for the low-table dining experience. Once we were comfortably seated on the floor, we placed our order.

Don’t be shocked when you see the prices (for the meat) in the menu. They are stated as RMxx/pax but in actual fact, the price is for “per portion”. Yes it means they will not charge each person in your group RMxx for the dish.

The restaurant is located on the first floor, right above the Sri Kota supermarket in Taman Danau Desa, so it has a lovely view that overlooks the main road and park.

Nakwon does not serve a free flow of green tea, but they do serve water. Top-ups are basically non-existent. Check out the yummy-licious food.

Boneless Chicken BBQ: Perfectly marinated and cooked over charcoal fire,
which gives the juicy meat a wonderful aroma. 닭고기 양념구이 costs RM28/portion.


Bean paste & Seafood Soup Served with Rice: Mmm hmm, the
bean paste smells and tastes heavenly in this dish. 해물 된장찌개 costs RM15.


Marinated Pork Rib BBQ: It’s the charcoal fire, I tell ya…it gives the meat a
wonderful aroma. Another good choice for meat eaters out there. I personally
enjoyed the chicken more…we wanted to try beef, but I
didn’t like the price. 돼지갈비 costs RM26/ portion.


Fried Glass Noodle: After so much protein we need some carbs,
right? We opted for the ever popular Japchae dish. 잡채 costs RM25.


Meat wrap: Juicy and tender chicken wrapped in
fresh lettuce leaf…ah, yummy.


Korean side dishes: Banchan galore! We counted, they served us
14 different types of banchan. Whoo hoo.


Steamed egg: A pleasant surprise when the dish came as part
of the banchan . Lots of sesame seeds sprinkled on top – lovely.

Cockles: Another restaurant that serves cockles as banchan.
Yay! It’s minus the blood – I like. The other restaurant that
serves this is Han Sung in Mont Kiara.


Condiments: You can’t be dating vampires if you love Korean
food. Look at the garlic here.


Dessert: Watermelon and some barley dessert.
Cooling and refreshing.


Demolished: We polished everything off (except for the sauces,
someone commented). Poor dishwasher.


Ta ta Nakwon: Leaving the restaurant

Taman Danau Desa, Kuala Lumpur
7-1-1, Jalan 3/109F,
Taman Danau Desa,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 79987 3004
Non-halal (you’ve been warned)

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