F4 Interview: Kim Joon

I’m bringing you Kim Joon’s interview next, simply because i don’t want to leave him for last. He’s always been the F4 member who gets the least attention.

25 year-old Kim Joon plays Song Woo-bin in Boys Before Flowers. Kim Joon has been called a “junior Jang Dong-gun” because of his looks and has great potential as an actor. This is his first acting role and he is already hooked on acting. He is also a member of the band T-MAX.

Lee Min-ho was witty and straight forward and Kim Bum is sort of a dreamer and romantic. Kim Joon… on the other hand, is very eloquent.

IS: Person whom you want to meet the most?

KJ: Since young, I have always wanted to meet Seo Taiji. He has been my idol since childhood days. When I was in elementary school, he was the face of the leading music then. Now, 17 years after his debut album, he is still active in the music scene and I have a lot of respect for that.

IS: Who is your favourite sports star?

KJ: Michael Jordan. I loved watching him during NBA Basketball mania. Michael Jordan – the name itself is a strong force.

IS: What is your life motto?

KJ: “Just do the best you can”, that is my motto.

IS: What’s the difference after being one of F4?

KJ: People see me differently. Maybe people who I used to know see me differently now and also the people I get to know newly. Ajummas would give cheers at me when I go to a restaurant and I feel that I’m being taken care of a lot since the drama became really popular.

IS: What would you do if you won ₩ 10,000,000,000 in the lottery?

KJ: I would put it in savings. When a lot of money comes to me at one time, I would plan how to use it carefully to avoid bitterness in the future.

IS: What do you envy of your F4 members?

KJ: I envy their vast experience at such a young age. The other F4 members are younger than me, yet I am the one who’s the rookie (in the entertainment industry). Their careers have gone off to a great start.

IS: Do you have any talent or skill you can show in front of people?

KJ: I rap in T-MAX so rapping is the thing I’m confident of. I used to like dancing when I was younger but I don’t think I dance better than others. I like rapping because I can express myself when I create it or write lyrics. You can do it with melody but doing it with lyrics is more fascinating.

IS: Favourite Internet site?

KJ: I enjoy surfing the net, but I don’t have a favourite site. However, I like to check up on Boys Before Flowers articles and related articles. (Yeah, he is curious to see what is written about him.)

IS: What if you become a tycoon like your character in the drama.

KJ: I would see how much I have in my bank account. I would feel contented when I see the numbers and think ‘I have this much’. Actually I wonder whether those tycoons would check how much money they have.

IS: The best luck you had in your life?

KJ: When I debuted as a singer in the group T-MAX. That was a big break for me.

IS: What was the biggest crisis in your life?

KJ: The time when I was preparing to debut as a singer was the darkest years of my life. The waiting, challenges I faced and uncertainty was difficult.

IS: Which actress would you love to work with?

KJ: I’m still a beginning actor so I haven’t really thought about which actress I want to act with. I just feel joyful that I have been so lucky at the start of my acting career.

IS: How much do you drink and who do you drink with?

KJ: I can drink about a bottle of Soju. I normally drink with other guys of T-MAX, who I’ve gone through hard times with.

IS: What do you always carry in your bag?

KJ: These days my phone is the most important item. But to think about it, the wallet is probably more important.

IS: How do you relieve stress?

KJ: I de-stress by emitting a sound like a great roar. When I was playing sports as a child, we used to do this before starting a game. So the roaring has become a habit. Sometimes it’s just fun to let out a ROAR!

IS: What three things would you bring to a desert island?

KJ: Cell phone, mp3 player and lots of water! I would like to be able to contact others, listen to the music I like and keep my throat moist.

IS: If you have a completely free day, what would you do?

KJ: I want to sleep. We don’t get enough sleep while shooting the drama.

IS: How do you manage your income?

KJ: My parents do. I have little to spend money on nowadays since my schedule is so hectic that I hardly get any pocket money.

Source: ISPLUS
With additional translation by Joe Gimm

Next…pretty boy Kim Hyun-joong of course.

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