F4 Selca: Lee Min Ho chooses sleep over food

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One of my favourite pics in Kim Hyun-joong’s
series of
Boys Before Flowers selca is this one.
An exhausted Lee Min-ho takes a much needed nap over lunch.

Also in the pic are co-stars Kim Joon (left) and Kim Bum (right).

We’ve all been hearing how hard the cast and crew worked to bring you episodes of Boys Before Flowers every week. After two days of working around the clock non-stop, Lee Min-ho catches up on sleep during lunch. It is said that sometimes they get so tired that they would rather sleep during lunch than eat! That certainly looks like the case of Min-ho in the pic above.

Kim Hyun-joong (Ji-hoo sunbae) reads his script while getting his hair prepped for a day of shooting. The stylist blows it to perfection and makes it Gyro Drop proof too!

Left: The production team Right: Hundreds of fans
who turned up to
watch them shooting the drama!

Gu Hye-sun (Geum Jan-di) eats a hearty
breakfast before her beginning her gruelling day

Musician Hyun-joong relieves stress by tinkering on the
piano and singing to himself


Source: ISPLUS

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