Fly to the Sky releases Decennium, calls it quits

Hwanhee (left) and Brian have decide to part ways

Awesome duo, Fly to the Sky released their 8th album entitled Decennium (i guess it alludes to the duo being together for 10 years!) last month.

Brian and Hwanhee are now busy promoting their newly launched album and have been appearing on many Korean programs (television & radio), namely Lee Hana’s Peppermint (6 March), Music Core, Love Request, Yashimmanman (9 March) and of course Mnet Countdown.

Brian (left) and Hwanhee on Yashimmanman

Hwanhee mentioned on Lee Hana’s Peppermint that this will be their last album as Fly to the Sky. Brian will be moving on to an acting career, while Hwanhee will focus on his solo singing career (I actually thought it would be the other way around since Hwanhee has been appearing in dramas).

This sounds like an official split for FTTS. I was quite sad to hear this because i really really like this R&B duo. Brian’s crisp clear vocals compliments Hwanhee’s deep husky voice perfectly. Where else can you find such a match! It’s such a joy listening to them that i am sad it has come to an end. When i mentioned this to Liz (who’s also a fan of FTTS), she said “Ten years! That’s enough-lah.

Okay guys, we wish you all the best in your respective solo careers! It wouldn’t hurt if you come back together to perform a few of your old songs though — once in awhile — just to make us happy.

FTTS performing on Mnet Countdown

Here’s Fly to the Sky’s performance on Mnet Countdown, 12 March. They grabbed the number one spot with their new song Goosuk (구속) – from their new album, Decennium.

Buy Decennium!

Source (the part about splitting up) : Seoulbeats


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