Introducing the ladies in Boys Before Flowers

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From left: Lee Min-jung, Gu Hye-sun and Kim So-eun

Since we have been talking a whole lot about the guys in Boys Before Flowers, namely the F4 (Flower Four) i think it is about time we pay some attention on the female actresses who make the Mon – Tues prime time KBS2 drama so popular.

Gu Hye-sun (25) plays Geum Jan-di. A fiesty girl who lands herself in the prestigeous Shin Hwa High School. Heir to Shin Hwa group and notorious bad boy Gu Jun-pyo falls for her. Kim So-eun (20) plays Chu Ga-eul, her best friend and co-worker at an after-school part-time job.

There is also a blossoming romance between Ga-uel and F4 cutie So Yi-jung (Kim Bum) which the audience is loving.

Beginning from episode 13 of Boys Before Flowers, a new addition will be added to skew the Junpyo-Jandi-Jihoo love triangle. While Gu Jun-pyo has fallen for “commoner” Geum Jan-di, his mother wishes him to marry Ha Jae-kyeong (Lee Min-jung, 26), daughter of another mega-empire JK Group. With the marriage, a strategic partnership between Shin Hwa group and JK Group is formed.

With the addition of Gu Jun-pyo’s fiancee into the picture, the love triangle between Junpyo-Jandi-Jihoo stretches into a love rombus.

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