Kim Ah-joong and Hwang Jung-min in Six Months

The lovely Kim Ah-joong is set to topline the KBS drama entitled Six Months. She appears alongside Hwang Jung-min (He Once Was a Superman) in the drama about a 6-month contract marriage.

Six Months: The leads – Hwang Jung-min (left) and Kim Ah-joong)
in KBS’ new drama about a contract marriage

The 200 Pounds Beauty actress portrays a famous actress named Han Ji-soo who is caught in a compromising position with postman Goo Dong-baek (Hwang Jung-min). To tone down the scandal, Han Ji-soo has no choice but to marry Goo until rumours die down. The couple agree to a six month contract.

But you know how it is with dramas like this, the pair naturally fall for each other. This causes major complications because Goo and Han already have a girlfriend and boyfriend respectively and their significant others can’t wait for the pair to end their contract marriage.

Group shot: The cast taking pics for the drama’s poster
at Han Studio on March 27


Famous: Kim Ah-joong portrays
actress Han Ji-soo


My wish: ‘I wish the ratings for my drama
will go through the roof!’

Six Months starts airing in South Korea on April 29.

Since the drama’s on KBS, this means we Malaysians with Astro’s Channel 303 will be able to watch it too!

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