Kim Hyun-joo is Gu Jun-pyo’s pretty sister

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Kim Hyun-joo plays Jun-pyo’s stylish elder sister

The gorgeous Kim Hyun-joo appears in Boys Before Flowers episodes 7 and 8 as Gu Jun-pyo’s elder sister. Her character seemed to have appeared out of nowhere because prior to the episode, there wasn’t any talk of Jun-pyo’s elder sister (as you keep watching the drama, you will discover more and more of Jun-pyo’s family members).

Kim Hyun-hoo (31) plays Gu Joon-hee, who returns from the States (where she is happily married to a successful businessman) just in time to save Jan-di and Ji-hoo from being expelled from Shinhwa High School by a hasty decision from her short-tempered younger brother.

Her striking beauty and heart-warming role of peace keeper and one who genuinely cares for her brother has left a lasting impression with viewers.

If you think Hyun-joo looks familiar, she was last seen in the drama In-soon is Pretty.


Just like her brother, Gu Joon-hee favours fur. She befriends Jan-di and…


…keeps her brother in check

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