Korean singer Lee An is based in Singapore

Did you know that?

K-popped! friends, you probably don’t need to travel to the land of the Hallyu for your Kpop fix anymore because the Hallyu is coming to you.

The Hallyu comes to SE Asia?: Lee An is based
in Singapore

Lee An, a Korean singer who is based in Singapore, has been actively promoting his music in the Lion City since 2007. The 29-year-old has already released two albums – The Birth (2007) and Us (2008).

Originally a music producer in South Korea, Lee An chose Singapore as his base to launch his showbiz career after a chance visit to the bustling city-state.

The singer, who is no stranger to kerepek ubi kayu (tapioca chips), beh teh soh (pastry cookies filled with molasses), and durian puffs, will be releasing his third album sometime this year. He has plans to promote his music in Singapore (of course) and other neighbouring countries such as Indonesia…and Malaysia (we hope).

In January 2009, Lee An flew to Indonesia for a showcase as well as to appear on the local TV and radio stations.

Ni hao ma?: Lee An learns Mandarin to woo the Chinese-speaking fans
(don’t forget about “bananas” like me, Lee An)

Lee An’s debut album contained 9 Korean tracks, which included ballads and upbeat Latin-inspired songs. The talent, who likes scuba diving, golfing and racing cars, also learned Mandarin and had included three Korean-Mandarin tracks in his sophomore album.

Want to listen to some Lee An music? Watch the MV for Us (2nd album) below!

And if you like him that much and need to keep up with his activities, surf on over to his blog at: http://leean777.blogspot.com/


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