Exotic Massage Tools

A rolling pin will flatten your tummy?

I was skeptical when my mom happily bought a rolling pin from IKEA one day, claiming that it would help her with her exercise program. “Mom, but a rolling pin is for flattening out dough! How would you use it?”

Mom said that it would help flatten her tummy and give her a svelte body — according to a Taiwanese talk show. Thus she proceeded to demonstrate by rolling the cylindrical block of wood up and down her lower torso. Hahaha…

Okay, now, i find this Korean article on how to give yourself an effective self-massage, using massage tools that can be found around the house hence — Exotic Massage Tools (the title of this entry might sound kinky, but i swear, it’s a direct translation from the original Korean article.)

The tools? A spoon, plate, beer bottles can be used. However, be careful not too apply too much pressure because these tools are stronger than your own hand and might cause bruising. All it takes is 10 minutes of self massage for improved blood circulation.

Beer Bottle

Hold the beer bottle with both hands and massage your calf and upper thigh.


Gather a bunch of toothpicks and band them together with a rubber band. Use it to prick your palms and sole of your feed to stimulate and facilitate blood circulation. Not for those who are ticklish! 🙂

Cosmetics in the shape of a cylindrical bottle

With your elbows bent, lift one arm and use the bottle to rub the inside of your arms and armpit.


Use the plate for your abdomen and thighs. Use a circular motion to rub your abdomen.


Small parts of the hands and forearms are suitable for massage with the spoon.

Source: dongA.com
Rolling pin image: http://www.mylivingspace.co.uk/

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