Makeup ideas for spring (inspired by Boys Before Flowers)


Notice our new header? The month of May is here and it’s spring time! We will be bringing you more health & beauty blog entries all through-out this month!

First up, is a look at the latest spring make-up trend in Korea, inspired by popular drama Boys Before Flowers. Learn how you can create the Flower Pink look. Other looks to create are Romantic Violet, Bohemian Orange and Tropical Green.



Flower Pink: Look 1

Using pink eye shadow can be tricky because the wrong shade of pink can make your eyes look tired. To ensure your peepers look bright and alert, use an eye-shadow base to even out dark circles before applying pink shadow.

1. Apply a light pink pearl shadow from lash line to brow bone.
2. Apply a darker shade of pink on lower lids from front corner to the edge. Blur boundaries by blending both the pinks.

1. Apply a shade of pink lipstick
2. Use a clear gloss or pink lip gloss for a juicy, shiny finish.

Flower Pink: Look 2

Combine gold and pink for a sophisticated feel, enhanced with hot pink lipstick.

1. Use foundation and face powder on your eyelids to even out dark circles / eyelids.
2. Use a nude or beige-toned eye shadow from the lashes to brow. Use a brown eyeliner to line eyes.

1. Prep your lips by applying a layer of powder on lips.
2. Use a lipstick brush and paint on hot pink lip colour.



Romantic Violet: Look 1

Create an elegant look by combining purple and lavender.

1. Apply lavendar eyeshadow over lower lids.
2. Apply dark purple eye colour in a diagonal like from the center of lids to the ends (ending where your eye brow ends)
3. Use a highlight directly below your brows.
3. Use a pencil liner to line eyes.

1. Use a pinkish-purple lipstick for lips.

Romantic Violet: Look 2

Pair this pale violet look with a mini-dress or prints for a retro feel.

1. Prep eyes by applying pearl makeup base foundation and powder.
2. Apply a light purple pearl shadow from lash line to brow bone.
3. Apply pastel pink shadow on lids and along the lower lash line.

1. Use a violet lip pencil to line the outer lip line.
2. Colour the inside of your lips with the same lip pencil.



Bohemian Orange: Look 1

Create a clean, fresh look for spring with nude eyes and bright orange lips.

1. Use a nude or gold eye-shadow.
2. Line eyes with dark brown pencil / liquid liner to make your peepers appear larger.

1. Paint on bright orange lipstick.

Bohemian Orange: Look 2

Create an exotic tropical look with the use of orange eyeshadow.

1. Use a yellow or beige colour eyeshadow as a base on your lids.
2. Line eyes with two shades of fluorescent orange, using bold strokes.
3. Also line the lower lashline and connect the end with the upper line.

1. Use an orange lip gloss for lips.



Tropical Green: Look 1

Here’s how to create this smokey green look with a coloured liner. Keep lips as nude as possible to bring out the eyes.

1. Use a light green colour for the eyelids.
2. Use an emerald coloured eye liner pencil to line the upper and lower lash line.
3. Apply a darker green shadow just above the lashline.

1. Rub a thin layer of foundation on lips, followed by loose powder.
2. Apply a nude pink lip gloss on lips.

Tropical Green: Look 2

Get the Korean pop star stage look by combining hot pink and green!

1. Use hot pink eyeshadow on your eyelids.
2. Use a green eyeliner pencil to line the bottom.
3. Use a dark gel eyeliner to draw a long line, ending with a tail pointing upwards.

1. Use a nude lip gloss for lips.

Source: ezday


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