VOV launches BB Cream for men!

Men in Korea (and maybe in other parts of the world as well) are more and more concerned about their appearance. Just when i thought they only had BB creams for women, I found news that Korean cosmetics brand VOV Homme launched Perfect Action VOV BB cream for men!

The said product is being labeled an “MBA product” and is receiving a lot of interest. “MBA” here does not stand for “Masters in Business Administration” nor does it stand for “Married But Available” mind you. MBA means Mountain, Bike, Athletics. * shrug * Okay, I don’t quite know how that would make sense, but it is a term supposedly coined to refer to this era’s new dynamic lifestyle. While I leave you to ponder on that for a bit, let’s just say that the new range of VOV Homme products is specially catered for men who love outdoor activities.

Since sunlight and harmful UV rays is the main cause of premature aging, VOV also launched VOV Perfect Sun Block with SPF 50+ and PA+++ protection. The sub block is water and sweat resistant and long lasting. Excellent for the man on the go.

The BB Cream comes in Perfect Action VOV BB SPF 25 PA++.

Popular actor and singer Lee Jun-ki is the face of VOV Homme.

I have not seen BB cream for men in stores around my neighbourhood yet. But guys, would you use BB Cream to protect your skin if it’s available? Or at least use sun block?

For the uninitiated, BB Cream or blemish balm cream is one of the hottest beauty products in Asia. Orignally from Germany, it was used by dematologists to help laser surgery patients soothe and regenerate the skin. Soon after, Korean celebrities started using the cream and a craze was born. [ Read more ]

Check out Lee Jun-ki in the VOV Perfect Sunblock CF


Source: Newsen

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