Pictures of Rain’s Fashion Concert in Hong Kong

Check out these official pictures of Rain’s Fashion Concert in Hong Kong on June 6.

As reported earlier, Lee Da-hae was the anchor model for the event, which was held at the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Center.

Eye for fashion: ‘Oh, look at that gorgeous top – I designed it!’

About 5,000 people attended the fashion show where Rain’s latest Six-to-Five collection was shown to the masses.


On stage: Rain makes sure it’s a sturdy stage


Sing a song: The entrepreneur belts a tune for his models –
multitasking is the best way to go especially during these difficult times


Tips: ‘Whoa, whoa slow down girl. You’ve gotta walk a little
slower in that thing for the best effect.’


Eclectic taste: ‘I lurve singing into a mic that’s
on a fuzzy, hairy stand.’

Curtain call: Rain gets ready for his final bow


Take a bow: ‘Man, that Indian dinner didn’t quite agree with me.
I’m off to the toilet immediately after this.’


In demand: Everyone wants to shake Rain’s hand

Source: Hankooki

Lee Da-hae follows Rain to Hong Kong for Fashion Concert

Rain’s Fashion Concert in Hong Kong

Rain’s Six to Five Fashion Show / Concert


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