Going bananas about The Morning Banana Diet

There’s a new diet sensation in South Korea and it’s called The Morning Banana Diet. This diet was created last year in Japan by Sumiko Watanabe, a pharmacist in Osaka who wanted to design a simple diet regime for her husband. Her husband lost 37 lbs and his result was publicized on forums and blogs. The new diet fad caught on like wildfire and became so popular that it created banana shortages in Tokyo. It looks as if Seoul might suffer the same banana crisis as Tokyo did back in 2008.

A step by step guide of The Morning Banana Diet.

But why bananas?
According to the Watanabes, bananas are composed of 70 percent water. Eating a banana with water in the morning restores water in the body that was lost during sleep. Bananas are also rich in serotonin, which calms the nerves, reduces stress, and curbs the appetite.

So how does this diet work, you ask?
Just bananas, as many as you need to feel full with a glass of warm water in the mornings. Have lunch and dinner (your last meal before 8pm), no desserts, and go to bed before midnight.

The Watanabes say that, “if you eat slowly, chewing as many times as you can, you will feel full after just two bananas. If you eat only low-calorie foods and exercise too much, your body will feel tired all day. This will transform your body into the type that gains weight easily. What is important is to go to bed before midnight, get a good night’s sleep, and regularly eat foods that help relieve fatigue... The key to the Morning Banana Diet is to have a regular intake of food that is easy on the stomach, at least for breakfast“.

Will I get results?
Well, that’s if you don’t get sick of eating bananas every day, don’t work overtime and don’t have a sweet tooth, then I suppose it might.

Source: Chosun Ilbo, TIME


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