Gimje Horizon Festival from Oct 9 to 13

Will you be visiting South Korea this autumn? If you answered yes, and you’d like to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, why not visit Gimje?

Gimje is located in the Jeollabuk-do province in the southwest of South Korea. The 11th Gimje Horizon Festival offers visitors the experience of harvesting paddy at the Honam Plain, the largest grain producer in South Korea.

Fun for everyone: The 11th Gimje Horizon Festival


Traditional games: Let’s see if you can walk a
mile with this

The festival was selected as one of Korea’s five best festivals for 5 consecutive years. This year, the event will be held at the Byeokgolje Reservoir from Oct 9 to 13.

Among the activities planned are:

Kite making and flying

Soar!: Pretty kites decorate the blue autumn sky

Make your own kites and fly it! Interested to learn how to craft your very own hanji stingray kite (Korean mulberry paper kite) and see it soar in the air? Then join this fun activity that welcomes everyone from all ages.

The Confucian lifestyle
Participants of this programme get to experience the lifestyle of Korean Confucian scholars of the past. Learn basic Chinese characters, traditional Korean etiquette, tea ceremony etiquette, calligraphy and also the Confucian nobleman’s way of walking!

Confucian ways?: ‘Throw your hands in the air…and
wave them
like you just don’t care…:-P’

Ipseok (Standing Stone) Tug of War

Pull!: A test of strength

A team of men are pitted against an all-women team in this tug-of-war competition. It is believed that the women’s victory ensures a bountiful harvest in the coming fall! Come on guys, let the ladies win this one ;-).

Traditional rice harvest

Labour: Ah, the joy of harvesting the fruits of our labour

Harvest paddy the traditional way! This year’s event will also include learning table etiquette as well as rice-based cuisines from Japan, China and Southeast Asian countries.

Homestays for foreign travellers

Traditional ways: Children get water from
a water pump

Want to experience living like the locals? Then check out the homestays offered by the Confucian school (Hakseong Gangdang), farmers’ homes and the millennium-old Buddhist temple Geumsansa.

Gastronomical delight
If food is your passion, make sure you sink your teeth into the fresh clams and shellfish offered at the Simpohang Harbour.

Yummy!: Fresh clams (left) and the famous Horizon Korean Beef

Also, check out the jipyeongseon hanu or Horizon Korean Beef, which is served at local restaurants in Gimje. The prime cuts of beef are from cattle fed with organically-grown barley mixed with fermented beans.

Bullock cart ride: Save fuel, go natural!

For more inquiries on the 11th Gimje Horizon Festival, please contact the Organizing Committee at 82-63-546-0881.


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