Rain likes portraying Raizo because ‘He’s very sexy’

Korean heartthrob Rain (a.k.a Jung Ji-hoon) loves his character Raizo, in Ninja Assassin because “he’s very sexy” thus our favourite Hallyu Star can easily relate to him. Ha ha…cute.

The 27-year-old, along with the movie’s director James McTeigue, talked to the Korean Beacon in New York on Nov 13.

Praises: Rain (right) on McTeigue: ‘He’s always awesome, he’s the best.’

Rain spoke a little English and seemed more comfortable with the language than in previous interviews. Nonetheless, he was at his best when conversing in Korean.

Ninja says: ‘Raizo is not a Japanese character.’

When asked how does it feel to have his own movie, Rain unabashedly replies: “Finally, you know, I’m gonna be a superstar. Keep watching me.”

Wanna keep watching Rain? Hit the play button below for the full interview:

Source: Korean Beacon

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