Rain promotes Ninja Assassin in Seoul

K-popped!’s favourite Hallyu star Rain (real name: Jeong Ji-hoon) was out and about on Nov 9 to promote his Hollywood flick Ninja Assassin.

Deadly: ‘Yes, please be quiet. A ninja is talking. If you’re not
careful, you won’t be waking up from your sleep tonight.’

The 27-year-old spoke to the South Korean media during a press conference at 11am at Lotte Hotel, Seoul.

Rain toplines the James McTeigue-directed flick about Raizo a trained ninja assassin (what else?) who breaks free from his clan to exact revenge on them.

Ninja Assassin will be released in Malaysia – and South Korea – on Nov 26.

Arrival: Rain (left), along with his faithful
bodyguard, arrives for the PC

Check out the Korean sensation as he talks to the press.

Static wave: He heartthrob does his signature
“static wave” pose for the cameras


Attention: Rain continues to smile for the cameras

Dry lips: Rain is all nerves before the interview


Thrist quencher: ‘Ahh, this will do since Liz isn’t here to hold my hand.’


Attentive: Rain listens to a question


Relief: ‘Man, I thought you were gonna ask me what
colour underwear ninjas wear.’


Cheeky: ‘Another personal question and I’ll
nunchuk you from over here.’

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