Sogaeting Malaysia

소 개팅 (pronounced So-gae-ting) is a favourite Korean past time. “Sogaeting” simply means blind date. On weekends, single Korean men and women would go on blind dates. They would obtain contacts of a member of the opposite sex from friends and meet up for drinks. If they don’t hit it off, then they move on, and probably set up another date to meet another person the next week.

There is another Korean word for blind date called 선 (pronounced Son or Seon). These blind dates are normally arranged by parents for their children, with the intention of marrying them off.

Well, Orchid is attempting to bring this Korean culture of blind dates here to our shores – 소개팅 Malaysia (Sogaeting Malaysia). Become a Facebook fan, and meet new people, who knows, you might just find your Mr. or Mrs. Right there!



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