T-ara turns feline at the 19th Seoul Music Awards

Bunny tail: ‘We’re gonna wiggle it, just a little bit.’

While many dressed to the nines for the 19th Seoul Music Awards, six-member girl group T-ara donned last year’s Halloween costume for the red carpet. The award ceremony is taking place as I type this (Feb 3).

Fun fashion: ‘We wanna get noticed for our over-the-top
fashion sense…you know, like Lady Gaga.’

They’ve got their concept a little mixed up. They have on cat/fox ears, a leopard-print top and a bunny tail. Ai yai yai…we know that the Year of the Tiger is just around the corner, but this is embracing the animal kingdom a little too much, no?

Well, either they missed the memo to dress up well or someone just told them a 거짓말 (lie). Hey T-ara, this ain’t no pre-New Year costume party ;-).

Catty: ‘Yeah, come nearer and I’ll scratch
your eyeballs out.’

Source: Newsen


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