Jung Ga-eun is new face of Jill Stuart

Jung Ga-eun: The new face of Jill Stuart

Jung Ga-eun, who resembles Song Hye-kyo from certain angles, is the new face for cosmetic brand Jill Stuart. The talent was at the Lotte Department Store in Sogong-dong Seoul on April 3. The 33 year old held an autograph session for her delighted fans.

Autograph: ‘Don’t go and sell it off now, ya hear?’

“It’s every actress’s dream to become a cosmetic model and personally, I am so happy to represent Jill Stuart,” Jung said of her new role.

Congratulations to the lady. She’s so purty.

All smiles: Delighted to be chosen to
represent Jill Stuart
Heart: ‘Show me lots of love, please.’


Keepsake: ‘I got A+ for my neat handwriting
in school.’

Source: Newsen & Hankooki

Want Jung Ga-eun to be your Valentine?

Jung Ga-eun looks like Song Hye-kyo?


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