Rain’s ideal girl is Im Soo-jung

So it’s out of the bag. Rain’s ideal woman is none other than his I’m A Cyborg, but that’s OK co-star Im Soo-jung!

The 28 year old, who shared a steamy kiss with the actress in the 2006 flick, said that he likes Soo-jung (26) because she has depth and a great sense of humor. Also, he thoroughly enjoyed working with her on the Park Chan-wook film.

Vying for attention: ‘Hey Soo-jung, wanna go out on a date with me?
I have fantastic, strong shoulders.’

Kang Ho-dong, who is the host of the SBS program Strong Heart, then asked Rain to send a message to Soo-jung.

Rain said: “How are you, Im Soo-jung? I’ve made my comeback with an album and am busy with activities as a singer. We should do dinner sometime.”

Phwoarr! A date request on national TV! Girl, if I were you, I’d be crazy not to say yes.

Source: Naver

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3 thoughts on “Rain’s ideal girl is Im Soo-jung

  • May 6, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    @ Vic, you're just jealous 😛

    @ Ayumi! Thanks for the more thorough version of the show! Ah, so he had limited choices!

    Hee hee, OK. Ayumi, could you pls send an email to [email protected]? TQ.

  • May 6, 2010 at 11:07 am

    Liz, it's not that Rain pointed out that his ideal girl is "Lim Soo-hung" ^^.

    I'll tell ya the lengthier version, as naver article is a very short version.

    It's sort of a popular variety show game called "Ideal Gal Worldcup",
    in which Rain was presented with pics of two Korean female celebs and he had to choose between the two pics very fast…
    like 'Shin Min-ah' vs. 'Han Ye-seul'
    'Han Ye-seul' vs. 'Song Hye-gyo'
    'Song Hye-gyo' vs 'Lim Soo-jung', etc.

    He had to pick very promptly, using his gut instinct
    and then the final girl he picked turned out to be "Lim Soo-jung".

    He said LSJ was very caring, deep, humorous and spread 'happy virus' to all those around her while shooting "Cyborg but it's OK".

    Many others often described LSJ in that way before.
    Koreans were intrigued that he chose LSJ over Song Hye-gyo
    cuz there was a rumor regarding their possible relationship previously and
    SHG is kinda considered as "da classic Korean beauty (although I don't think SHG is that pretty, her face is too flat & round and her eyes are way too small but it's just me…strangely unlike others, to me, SHG looks like a tough cookie..a bit demanding to live with, LOL)

    Rain seems to prefer a motherly type for his ideal gal.
    In that variety show, Rain mentioned he's eager to get hitched in 5 yrs!

  • May 6, 2010 at 11:04 am

    notice how valiantly I resisted the temptation to exclaim: "Im SooJung, run for your life bad weather approaches!!".

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