Super Junior’s Bonamana MV

Yessss! It has a little bit of a Bollywood flavor to it. Bo-na-mana, Bo-na-mana, Bo-na-mana. See those heads and hips shake!

Watch the MV below:

South Korea’s Super Junior makes a return to the Kpop scene with their 4th album entitled Beauty. The first track released from the album is Bonamana.

Originally 13 members, the group returns as 10…yet I believe that that’s not going to stop them from summiting the Kpop music charts. As 10 members, SuJu’s still making waves.

Here’s a brief about the other 3 no-shows: Troubled member Kangin was fined for a hit and run accident and is planning to enlist for military duty since he is suspended from all activities; Hankyung – the China import – is in a legal tussle with SM Entertainment, the talent agency behind the boys while Kibum has not been active as a member since 2009, preferring to pursue acting.

Super Junior teases with Beauty for 4th album comeback
SuJu member Kangin plans to enlist for military duty
Choi Si-won is a gentleman

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