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K-popped! got its hands on the first four episodes of BEAST’s Debut Story. Liz sacrifices her Beauty sleep to come face to face with (the) BEAST. Woot!

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Being in a boyband isn’t all about the adoration, glamour and perfectly-coiffed hair. The six boys of BEAST / B2ST can definitely attest to the fact that stardom takes a whole lot of determination, humility, passion and sacrifice.

BEAST’s Debut Story, currently airing on the MTV channel (Astro 713), invites viewers into the lives of the idol group members as they shed sweat and tears in preparation for their debut in late 2009.

 BEAST: Stylized as B2ST stands for Boys to Search for the Top

Kpop fans are aware of how competitive the music industry is in South Korea. Idol groups are regularly churned out by the many talent agencies and if the talents do not deliver, they can quickly become a thing of the past. Yet many youngsters in Hallyuwood harbor a hope of making the big time. Most of them are below 21 and have dreams and ambitions that require great sacrifices.

 BEAST: (Top, l-r) Yo Seob, Hyun Seung & Joon Hyung
(Bottom, l-r) Gi Kwang, Doo Joon & Dong Woon

BEAST’s Debut Story highlights the journey of its 6 members, namely Doo Joon (leader), Hyun Seung, Jun Hyung, Yo Seob, Gi Kwang and Dong Woon. The boys are under Cube Entertainment, and their story begins when the agency selects them (out of the many other trainees) to debut.

Gi Kwang had previously debuted in Japan as a soloist named AJ. However, he is still psyched for his “re-debut” with the new group.

Gi Kwang: Formerly known as AJ, the 20 year old uses his 
given name in BEAST

In the first episode, we see the boys’ reaction towards the news. Naturally, they are pumped to be given an opportunity for stardom. Their training intensifies and the pressure is on them to give their best.

To further prepare them, the sextet is divided into two teams for a vocal challenge. They are required to learn up a song selected by their vocal coach and perform it as a trio. The venue of their performance and judges are kept a secret. That is when viewers get a glimpse of the teams’ competitive spirit.

Singing contest: The white team vs. the black team

Apart from training, the documentary also allows viewers a peek into the members’ personal lives. In the 3rd episode, we follow each member around on his day off.

Dong Woon (now 19), is the youngest and shows us his life as a student. Gi Kwang goes on a “date” with us at Garusu Road and later, the Han River; Du Joon invites us for a game of basketball with his friends; Yo Seob visits his family’s restaurant; Hyun Seung prepares lunch for someone special and Joon Hyung hooks up with producer Shinsadong Tiger to work in the studio. Gee, that isn’t much of a day off, is it? 😛

It’s interesting to note that Hyun Seung had been in a similar documentary before. If you remember, he was also considered for Big Bang (YG Entertainment), an idol group that also had its own pre-debut documentary. Hyun Seung didn’t make the cut then but now, the 21 year old is given a second chance.

The 4th episode sees the boys on another mission. They are again divided into two teams for a dance challenge. Nothing is spared when it comes to honing their skills as American chorographer AJ – who has choreographed for Usher – is seen coaching the boys.


Dance: American choreographer AJ puts BEAST through the paces

What other challenges will the boys face? What is their journey like to the top? Make sure you tune in for BEAST’s Debut Story every Saturday at 7pm (Malaysia) on MTV (Astro Channel 713). Two 30-minute episodes are shown back to back.

Fast forward to today; BEAST has actually come a long way since their pre-debut days. The band is now famous for their hit track Shock, which is from their 2nd mini-album Shock of the New Era. The boys have even gone on to perform at the 8th Korean Music Festival in Los Angeles in May this year.

The good news for Malaysian fans is, BEAST will be in our country this Saturday (June 26) for an exclusive showcase and autograph session (June 27).

Yes, the boys with big dreams on TV are currently living their dreams :).



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