B2ST thanks Malaysia

They came, they rocked Malaysia, and they left…but not without leaving us with a little something of them.

Cube Entertainment’s BEAST / B2ST recorded video thank you messages for their fans for making their June 26 showcase in Malaysia such a memorable and fantastic affair.

B2ST <3 MALAYSIA: Check out the boys’ individual video messages 
to fans by following the link provided

Each member, namely Doo Joon (leader), Gi Kwang, Dong Woon, Yo Seob, Hyun Seung and Joon Hyung, recorded personal messages for their fans, and you can view them by hitting this link! Fill in the form first and then proceed to the vids!

Thanks to Universal Music and Cube Entertainment, it sure looks like B2ST definitely wants to return to our lovely shores! Now, that’s so BEAST!

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