BoA returns to the Kpop music scene

BoA, the Kpop Queen of SM Entertainment (SME), will finally make her comeback after being away from the Kpop music scene for 5 years.

On March 1, SME released a statement saying that BoA is set to unleash a new album and meet her Korean fans in celebration of her 10th anniversary as a singer.

BOA RETURNS: The 24 year old singer is set to rock the 
Kpop music scene once again

On July 23, SME unleashed a little BoA appetizer, i.e. the 24 year old’s new MV Game (watch it after the jump). Currently, the singer is doing final touch-ups to her album, which will be released on Aug 5.


BoA debuted in 2000, after 2 years of training under SME. Two years after her debut, she debuted in Japan under Avex, which also manages DBSK and CSJH The Grace.

In 2008, BoA made her debut in America with Eat You Up and later released a self-titled English album in 2009.

Step aside everyone, The Queen is back, and you can even follow her on Twitter: @Boa_1105

Sources: IlGanSports, Sookyeong, Uriboa

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3 thoughts on “BoA returns to the Kpop music scene

  • Vic in Long Beach, CA

    In 2000, she won the KMTV awards for "Best New Talent of 2000" I'm not a big BoA* fan, but (like Rain) I'm glad they do what they do.

  • Vic in Long Beach, CA

    She's 24??? She started at 14? Wow. I wonder what she's been up to for five years? I must admit I have not heard a lot about her lately.

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